Johannesburg Police Fire Tear Gas at Anti-Zuma Protesters Outside Influential Family's Estate

Outside the Johannesburg estate of an influential business family, a small side protest to the nationwide marches against South African President Jacob Zuma quickly gathered pace on April 7, prompting police security guards to cordon off the area.

Over 100 protesters had gathered outside the entrance to the Gupta family compound in Saxonwold singing songs and holding placards, calling for Zuma’s resignation after a cabinet reshuffle saw the country’s currency rating plummet to junk status. Protesters accuse the Guptas of wielding huge political influence to advance their business interests.

According to South African reports, a group of Black First Land First members, who support Zuma, arrived at the compound facing off with anti-Zuma protesters. This footage shows protesters running from tear gas and stun grenades. According to the uploader, police threw these into the crowd after initial scuffles with BLF members. Credit: Twitter/@LeoGSmit via Storyful