Bizarre moment John Bercow bellows 'order' in Italian

Will Taylor
News Reporter

A bizarre video of John Bercow bellowing “order” in Italian has gone viral after he appeared on a late-night talk show.

Mr Bercow, who stepped down as Speaker of the House of Commons ahead of the election, goes red in the face as he shouts “ordine” at an applauding audience.

During his time as Speaker Mr Bercow gained fame around the world for the way he bellowed the word “order” in the House of Commons.

Ahen the hosts of Italy’s Che Tempo Che Fa invited him to shout the word in their language, the ex-Buckinghamshire MP was happy to oblige.

Screwing up his face and shouting with gusto, Mr Bercow yells the word twice in the clip, which has had over 150,000 views.

Mr Bercow served as Speaker for 10 years, and considered himself a moderniser and supporter of the backbenchers.

He wore a suit rather than more traditional clothing worn by past speakers as an attempt to update the image of the Commons.

But he has also been criticised for how he handled accusations of bullying by members of Parliament, and was himself accused of bullying – though he strongly denied the allegations.

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He was also criticised by Leave-backing MPs over his impartiality on Brexit this year, after an argument broke out over Commons votes.

After stepping down, he described Brexit as the “the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post-war period”.

Former Commons Speaker John Bercow outside Parliament. (PA Images)

Mr Bercow has been busy since he stepped down as Speaker, and appeared on Sky News’ election coverage last week.

During the broadcast, he insisted again that he had “never bullied anyone in any way to any degree in any situation at any time” and said he wanted to “stand up for the rights of members individually and the House institutionally”.

He also told Sky he would like to enter the House of Lords but would be a crossbencher instead of a Tory, the party he belonged to before becoming the neutral Speaker.

Mr Bercow was replaced just before the election by Lindsay Hoyle.