John Bishop leaves Scottish fan raging as he issues England Euro 2024 announcement

John Bishop during the even at M&S Bank Arena on May 28, 2024 in Liverpool, England
-Credit: (Image: (Image: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images))

John Bishop has left one Scottish fan outraged after moving the times of one of his shows so he can watch England play Spain in the Euro 2024 final on Sunday.

Following England’s victory over the Netherlands in Dortmund, Mr Bishop took to social media to announce he was moving his show at 8pm in Wolverhampton to earlier in the day.

Mr Bishop said: “This is a message to all the people coming to Wolverhampton on Sunday. I’m not doing the show at 8 o’clock. The show’s going to get moved to the afternoon.

“You are all gonna get an email telling you the time. I know it won’t suit everybody so if you can’t make it we’ll give you a refund. There is no chance I’m gonna be doing it at 8 o’clock. “Because I’m going to be busy watching these boys.”

While some attendees may understand Mr Bishop’s decision, it is not one that went down well with several customers calling out the comedian.

One fan, known as Carl, wrote: “Train gets in at 5pm. Fantastic. A Scotsman now with f*** all to do and a hotel for now reason.”

Whilst another punter, Yvonne, described Mr Bishop’s action as “unprofessional” and “ridiculous” others were supportive of the move. Responding to the move, Mike commented: “Fantastic, well done John. Absolutely the right thing to do.”

Whilst the 57-year-old may have triggered outrage by moving his show at the last minute, he isn’t the first comedian to change their performance because of England matches at the Euros.

James Corden attends a premiere
James Corden is another actor to have adjusted their schedules because of England games -Credit:(Image: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

During England’s penalty shoot-out on Saturday night against Switzerland, fellow actor and comedian James Corden delayed the start of his play The Constituent. The decision was taken to put the start of the play on hold so the cast and audience could watch the penalty shootout together.

Mr Corden has since opened up about the difficult decision and told the Guardian the original plan was to start the play as planned. He said: “The extra time finished about three minutes before the play was due to begin. We thought: ‘Oh man, this is tough but we’ve got to start.

“Then we heard a ‘Yessss’ from the audience, and we looked at each other and said: ‘They’re all watching it.’ We looked out and there were loads of little lit-up phones in the audience. It wasn’t the time to start a serious play about serious issues.

“So me and Anna and Zach went out on stage with an iPad and were commentating [on the shootout]. It was really wonderful, alive, a glorious collective experience.”