John Cena Announces Retirement From WWE

John Cena will be stepping out of the ring for good next year. The wrestling star and actor announced his retirement from WWE at the franchise’s Money in the Bank event on Saturday, held at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

“Tonight, I officially announce my retirement from WWE,” Cena told the crowd from inside the ring.

The wrestler, who has won the Championship belt 16 times, went on to reflect on being with WWE for over two decades and thanked fans for their ongoing support throughout his career.

Cena, who is 47, told fans that ​​April’s Wrestlemania 41 in Las Vegas would mark his last-ever fight for WWE.

In a post-match press conference, the wrestler said that his retirement was a mutual decision between himself and WWE, noting that he’d still be a part of the WWE family to some extent, even if he’s not wrestling for them.