John Cusack says ‘fascism’ is alternative to removing Donald Trump from White House: ‘You have to vote against Trump'

John Cusack attends a film premiere in 2016 (John MacDougall/Getty Images)
John Cusack attends a film premiere in 2016 (John MacDougall/Getty Images)

John Cusack has warned that the alternative to voting US president Donald Trump out of the White House is “fascism”.

Speaking to The Observer, the High Fidelity star spoke about his political views and also recalled a time where he came face to face with Trump.

Cusack said he was at a boxing match in Las Vegas when he felt someone tap on his shoulder.

Expecting it to be a fan, he turned around and saw Trump standing there. “Hey John,” Trump apparently said. “My wife loves you.”

Cusack claimed that he shivered in revulsion, even then.

Addressing his frequent criticisms of Trump on social media, Cusack said: “I would love to think about other things,” he agrees. “Poetry. Love. Anything else. But that’s just not the times we’re in.”

He said he wanted to send the message to people that “we’re sleepwalking into an incredible dark possible future”.

“You’re voting for an extension of the neoliberal order,” he said, of his reluctant support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “But the alternative is fascism. You have to vote against Trump.”

The 54-year-old recently told his Twitter followers that he is “blocking anyone” who is not working hard to remove Trump from the White House in November.

“I’m sure you’ve all been through it with some family co-workers – or friends,” he tweeted. “Those who cannot see or choose not to see what [Trump] is, we are done talking – permanently.”

He added: “Sorry, no time for your BS.”

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