John Henry may have to break social media silence after most ridiculous Liverpool shout yet

Liverpool FC owner John W Henry
-Credit: (Image: Clive Mason/Getty Images)

It has been over three years since Fenway Sports Group principal owner John W. Henry last tweeted on the social media platform.

The 74-year-old would be forgiven if he was tempted to dig out his password and dust off his account if he saw certain comments regarding his Liverpool vice-captain, Trent-Alexander Arnold, though.

The 25-year-old has been a major talking point throughout the summer so far, with every man and his dog having a view on his utilisation for England at Euro 2024. He started the Three Lions’ first two matches out of position in central midfield, only to be substituted early on both occasions, before being dropped and brought on late on at right-back in their final group outing.

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With every pundit attempting to shout loudest when having their say on the defender, it is perhaps Manchester United legends Roy Keane, Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney who have been Alexander-Arnold’s biggest critics. Admittedly such scrutiny is regarding purely his suitability to play in midfield, having barely ever played such a role for Liverpool, with occasional compliments of his talents thrown in. But that hasn’t spared him from the boring ‘Trent can’t defend’ narrative rearing its head once more.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion - even if the Alexander-Arnold two pennyworths are proving to be excessive even by England international tournament standards. Consequently, Henry will hardly feel the need to defend his Liverpool vice-captain publicly, even if a plethora of controversial comments regarding the Reds number 66 are prompting raised eyebrow after eyebrow amongst the club’s supporters.

Yet remarkably it is another Manchester United legend who has offered the most bonkers take when it comes to the Liverpool man this summer. With Alexander-Arnold out of contract in 2025, Dwight Yorke has urged the Red Devils to move heaven and earth to sign him. Yes, really.

"I'm not sure Trent Alexander-Arnold would want to leave Liverpool as it's his boyhood club,” Yorke told Best Online Poker Sites. “But Liverpool will be under transition now that Jurgen Klopp has left. Maybe, Alexander-Arnold can evolve as a midfielder under Slot.

"This could be another opportunity where, if Liverpool don't perform under Slot and Alexander-Arnold becomes unhappy, Man United should do everything they can to sign him.

“I was the first person to suggest that Man United should have signed Leroy Sane started to become frustrated at Man City when he was on the bench frequently, now he's one of the best players in Germany.

“Alexander-Arnold may have a similar opportunity which Man United should pounce on. Obviously, there is history between the clubs and Alexander-Arnold will know that as an Englishman, but it can be an opportunity to look out for.”

Errrm pardon? Sorry, what?! Are we missing something here? Kopites will surely all let out a collective, uncontrolled, ‘WHAT?!’ of their own when reading such fanciful quotes themselves.

Having famously tweeted, ‘What do you think they're smoking over there at Emirates?’, when Arsenal attempted to sign Luis Suarez for £40m and £1 back in July 2013, perhaps Henry would feel inclined to send a similar query in Yorke’s direction after the former striker’s most questionable claims?

Move over Sol Campbell, you’ve had your day Luis Figo. Trent Alexander-Arnold to Manchester United, even if available on a free transfer next summer, would be the most controversial transfer in football history ever. So it’s just as well then that hell would have to freeze over first before such a switch could ever happen.

As Yorke points out, Alexander-Arnold is a boyhood Liverpool fan who knows all about the history between the clubs. He will have grown up idolising Steven Gerrard, dreaming of emulating his fellow Scouser, but also absolutely hating the Reds’ bitter-rivals.

But even if you put such allegiances to a side, overlook such moves being England's impossible transfer, and buy into Yorke’s hypothetical scenario where Alexander-Arnold is unhappy and Liverpool don’t perform under Arne Slot, the former striker is forgetting one rather big problem. Manchester United aren’t very good.

When Yorke played for the club, they were the best team in England and his goals helped fire them to Champions League glory in 1999. Such dominance continued after he left in 2002, as the Reds looked on enviously.

Yet such success at Old Trafford was never enough to lure Gerrard away from Liverpool for example, despite Sir Alex Ferguson’s wishes and hopeful attempts. If United at their strongest couldn’t snap up the Reds’ best player, what chance does this poor imitation have over 20 years on?

Alexander-Arnold is a world class player yet to hit the peak of his powers. He deserves to play for and with the best, where he can continue to compete for football's greatest honours.

Sure, now about to enter the final 12 months of his contract, as things stand there could be an opportunity for a side to sign Alexander-Arnold in the next year. But Manchester United, coming off their worst ever season in the Premier League era, are definitely not that side.

The Red Devils could throw everything at him and it would undoubtedly fall on deaf ears, unable to even earn a turn of the head. If there is to be an opportunity for would-be suitors, it won’t be for United.

Do us a favour. Hate to break it to you, Dwight, but it's not 1999 anymore and you're living in a dream world. Whether you accept it or not, your former club are not even at the party anymore and they haven't been for some time.

Having won every major honour with Liverpool, Alexander-Arnold's priority will surely be to pursue even more silverware at Anfield. Currently, there is a calmness about his situation, with the Reds keen to accelerate talks over extending his stay.

Real Madrid have been linked with his services in the meantime, with the La Liga giants arguably the only club in world football who could perhaps tempt the defender away from at this time. But he certainly won’t be taking numerous steps backwards to Old Trafford and a broken Manchester United.

There hasn’t been a direct transfer between Liverpool and Manchester United since 1964, with Ferguson infamously blocking Gabriel Heinze’s efforts to join the Reds in 2007. Meanwhile, both Paul Ince and Michael Owen damaged their relations with their former clubs when crossing that uncrossable divide, albeit indirectly.

Alexander-Arnold is not the man to change that record. It’s a non-starter, and a most ridiculous suggestion only worthy of hysterical laughter in response.

Kopites might feel that Messrs Keane, Neville and Rooney have let their Red Devils allegiances influence their own opinions on the Liverpool defender, but evidently that’s nothing compared to a delusional Yorke.

So if Henry won’t say it, we will. ‘What do you think they're smoking over there at the Yorke household?’ Your guess is as good as ours.