John Lewis Christmas advert 2017 explained: The heart-warming story of a young boy named Joe and the monster under his bed

Patrick Grafton-Green

The John Lewis Christmas advert has arrived telling the tale of a friendship that develops between a young boy and an imaginary monster under his bed.

The two-minute story begins with seven-year-old Joe dozing off in his bed at night time, his book falling to the floor, only to be woken up by the snoring of Moz, a 7ft monster with puppy dog eyes.

Initially he is not impressed, making a ‘no monsters allowed’ sign to his door and resorting to ear muffs to block out the sound.

But over time Joe and Moz strike up a friendship initially through the monsters endearing farts.

Joe takes some time to warm to Moz (John Lewis)

They bond over on a mutual love of late-night Scalextric and piggyback games.

The pair bond over Scalextric (John Lewis)

But staying awake starts to take its toll on the boy, dozing off while getting haircut and while his playing in goal for his football team.

All the late nights take their toll on Joe (John Lewis)

Moz realises the late nights of playing are taking their toll on his new pal and, as he carries him to bed one night, he knows he must allow him some peace and quiet.

Joe gets a clumsily wrapped Christmas present from Moz (John Lewis)

Joe then wakes up on Christmas morning to find a clumsily wrapped present under the tree, which turns out to be a night light.

Joe present from Moz is a night light (John Lewis)

That night he switches the light on, and the ad ends with him falling asleep to the comforting rumblings of his friend under the bed.

The early anticipated two-minute ad is set to a cover of The Beatles song Golden Slumbers by Elbow while Academy award-winning screenwriter Michel Gondry, the director behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, was brought in to make it.