John Lewis Launches Build Your Own Personalised Quality Street Tins For Christmas

Brogan Driscoll

If you spend Christmas fishing through empty wrappers of the Quality Street tin trying to find your favourite – this year things may be a little easier.

John Lewis has partnered with Quality Street to offer customisable tins, where shoppers can select their favourite sweets and leave the others altogether. This way there’ll be no arguing over those green triangles come Boxing Day. 

Sadly, you can’t simply fill an entire tin with strawberry creams, as each tin has to have at least three varieties of the 12 sweets. Dammit.

Quality Street, which has been around for 80 years, is almost synonymous with Christmas for many of us. So it’s about time we were given a solution to the source of many festive family disputes.

The bespoke tins, which are 1.2kg, will cost £12 – roughly a fiver more than you can expect to pay for a regular tin of this size – and will be available to buy at 11 John Lewis stores across the UK from October at Bluewater, Cambridge, Cheadle, Cribbs Causeway, Glasgow, High Wycombe, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Liverpool, Trafford and White City.

But if you can’t wait until next month, the tins will be on sale exclusively at the flagship Oxford Street store from Friday 21 September, where you can also personalise the lid of the tin – which could be used to create a lovely gift or a warning to others to leave your precious treats alone.  

While many of us know our favourites, few can remember the entire list Quality Street has to offer, so here’s a quick recap: 

:: The Purple One – milk chocolate filled with hazelnut and caramel (purple wrapper, twisted at ends)
:: Green Triangle – hazelnut noisette (green wrapper, triangular, foil)
:: Chocolate Toffee Finger (gold wrapper, stick)
:: Strawberry Delight (red wrapper, circular)
:: Caramel Swirl (yellow wrapper, circular, foil)
:: Milk Choc Block (green wrapper)
:: Orange Crunch (orange wrapper, octagonal, foil)
:: Orange Creme (orange wrapper)
:: Fudge (pink wrapper)
:: Coconut Eclair (blue wrapper)
:: Toffee Penny (gold wrapper, circular)
:: Honeycomb Crunch (golden brown wrapper)
:: Toffee Deluxe (brown wrapper)