John Lewis unveils its Christmas advert for 2022 in a moving campaign

For many, the festive season has just started as John Lewis released its Christmas advert for the year.

With this year's offering, the company, which has gained fame for its holiday advertising efforts, intended to draw attention to a particular problem.

Teaming up with Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland for the advert, the team are building on their Building Happier Futures campaign, which launched earlier in the year and aims to support young people with experience of the care system in a number of ways, not least finding employment.

With so many other enduring commercials produced over the years, John Lewis has solidified its position as the king of Christmas advertising, placing increased pressure on the department store to produce more daring and effective commercials each holiday season.

Here’s what you need to know about this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert and a look back at its previous gems.

What happens in the John Lewis Christmas advert for 2022?

In the ad, we meet a man trying to master the art of skateboarding but along the way he suffers from numerous bumps and scrapes before finally making a breakthrough and becoming more competent on the board.

His reasons for taking up the skill becomes clear when him and his partner await the arrival of their new foster child, Ellie, a skateboarder.

Ellie is initially very nervous until she founds out her foster father admits his arm is in a sling because he had a bit of trouble learning to skateboard, Ellie softens and agrees to go into the house.

Past Christmas ads

Last year’s advert, titled Unexpected Guest, paid homage to ET the Extra-Terrestial and starred an alien called Skye experiencing her first Christmas.

It’s not the first time John Lewis has offered a heart-warming offering that has left many of us feeling emotional. In 2016, we met a bouncing dog called Buster, which prompted one proud boxer owner to capture her own pet’s hilarious reaction to the commercial.

The advert tells the story of a young girl called Bridget, who is given a trampoline for Christmas. A group of animals began bouncing on a trampoline the night before Christmas. Before finally getting to experience his love of bouncing for himself, Buster, Bridget's dog, avidly observes the garden creatures testing out her new gift.

A year after Buster appeared on our screens, we were introduced to a young boy and his imaginary monster (Moz) under the bed, which became a firm favourite among fans.

Set to a cover version of the Beatles’ Golden Slumbers, recorded by British band Elbow, the two-minute advert tells the story of a young boy called Joe who is kept awake by a seven-foot imaginary monster who lives under his bed.

The two become friends but Joe starts to become tired and has trouble staying awake throughout the day. Joe gets a nightlight for Christmas, which helps him sleep, but it also causes Moz to vanish.

However, when the advertisement comes to an end, Joe switches the light back off and hears Moz's recognisable rumblings, reminding himself that he may call his friend back whenever he thinks of him.

In late 2010, thanks to her rendition of Elton John’s Your Song, Ellie Goulding became one of the most-talked-about artists.

In this advertisement, parents sneak rocking horses into the house, a mother hides presents in the attic, and family members try to wrap candelabra and teapots. The 60-second video, which has a touch fewer than a million views on YouTube, promotes giving gifts rather than receiving them, saying that it is “for people who care about showing they care”.