John Otway’s cutlery switch could save Welsh rugby’s Delilah

<span>Photograph: Andy Hall/The Observer</span>
Photograph: Andy Hall/The Observer

Re your report (Bye, bye, bye Delilah: Wales rugby choirs banned from singing Tom Jones hit, 1 February), may I suggest that the Welsh rugby choirs adopt the version of Delilah as often performed (with suitable prop) by the excellent John Otway: “I felt the spoon in my hand – and she laughed no more”.
Beatrice Turler
Wilmslow, Cheshire

• Re Polly Toynbee’s article (Three years on from Brexit, all UK voters are left with is a bitter taste of Bregret, 31 January), my life is measurably better since Brexit: wages up, cheap foreign labour down, watching nationalist politics finally get represented. But you won’t publish this, will you? It doesn’t fit your narrative.
Dan Rainey

• How telling that someone about to come into a substantial amount of money should say that it will enable his son to have “the best education possible” (Metal detectorist unearths Tudor gold pendant linked to Henry VIII in Warwickshire, 31 January). And how sad for the many children whose parents are not so financially blessed.
Shirley Kalinauckas
Fressingfield, Suffolk

• I don’t think any bookmaker would have paid out on Maggie Lyons’ bet about Nadhim Zahawi (Letters, 1 February). The bet was that he would resign and didn’t. He was sacked. (Note to Maggie’s husband: if I have saved you 50p, could we split it?)
John Gately
Battle, East Sussex

• Seen in a cafe window near Cheltenham railway station: “The toilet is not working – sorry for the inconvenience.”
Peter Jones