John Rhys-Davies labelled a 'petulant child' after ranting at Caroline Lucas on 'Question Time'

John Rhys-Davies has been accused of ‘thuggish’ and ‘sexist’ behaviour after blowing up at MP Caroline Lucas on BBC’s Question Time
John Rhys-Davies has been accused of ‘thuggish’ and ‘sexist’ behaviour after blowing up at MP Caroline Lucas on BBC’s Question Time

Lord of the Rings actor John Rhys-Davies has come under fire after a video of him blowing up at Green Party MP Caroline Lucas on BBC debate show Question Time went viral.

Digital strategist and self-proclaimed whistleblower Shahmir Sanni shared a clip of Rhys-Davies reacting to Lucas in an aggressive manner when she challenged his statement that President Donald Trump “represents the American people” and should therefore be afforded a UK visit.

“But he doesn’t,” Lucas began. “He lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes.”

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Rhys-Davies flailed his arms around, before banging his fists on the panel’s table and shouting, “Oh, woman! Have you never read Kenneth Arrow and the Arrows theorem? Any system of election has its problems.”

Alongside the video, which was originally posted by Julian Drucker, Sanni wrote: “Every woman has seen a man react like this when they are caught off guard by common sense. Yet they stay calm & resilient. [Caroline Lucas] is the reason I’m voting Green in the EU elections and the general election.”

Many others reacted to his tweet. One Twitter user described Rhys-Davies as a “crazed Brexit fan” but went on to target the show itself, saying: “[Him] blowing up at Caroline Lucas for daring to challenge him after being cheered on all night really epitomises where #bbcqt has sunk to.”

Activist Dr Lauren Gavaghan compared Rhys-Davies’ behaviour to that of a “petulant child” and praised Lucas for remaining “dignified” in the face of it.

“This is precisely why facts are so key in public debate these days,” she concluded.

Pro-European Union campaigner Femi Oluwole condemned his “thuggish, sexist” attitude, voicing that he was “genuinely worried for Caroline Lucas in this moment.”

Journalist Scott Weinberg chimed in, saying: “John Rhys-Davies will appear in literally any film that offers him a plane ticket and craft services. Plus he’s a f***ing bigot. I used to love the guy. Now he’s trash.”

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Sherlock actor Amanda Abbington tried to make light of the situation, warning: “Remind me never to be in a rehearsal room with John Rhys-Davies… I don’t think we’d ‘gel’…”

Comedian Dom Joly also weighed in on the outburst, saying: “Christ – John Rhys Davies is like Brian Blessed’s Idiot brother- he’s the sort of guy you spot in a pub and try not to make eye contact with.”