Johnny Sibilly hard launches new BF, Phillip Davis—here's what we know

Johnny Sibilly and Phillip Davis
Johnny Sibilly and Phillip Davis

Johnny Sibilly is officially off the market, and fans are dying to know more about his new boyfriend!

The Pose actor shared a pic earlier this week that showed him cuddling with his new guy, Phillip Davis. He later confirmed to Out that this was indeed a “hard launch” of their relationship.

Johnny Sibilly
Johnny Sibilly


However, this wasn’t the first time Sibilly and Davis have posted pics together.

Fans had noticed Davis popping up in a couple of Sibilly’s social media posts in recent weeks, although none of them were quite as cozy as the most recent snap.

As hyped (and occasionally jealous) as fans are that Sibilly has a new boyfriend, not too much seems to be known about Davis as of yet. But here are a few facts we’ve managed to pick up:

He lives in South Florida.

He’s a former gymnast and cheerleader.

He’s a Beyoncé fan.

He’s also a Lady Gaga fan.

He has an OnlyFans.

Davis has been running his OnlyFans account for at least a couple of years. In the past, Sibilly recently told PRIDE that he has considered joining the platform himself, so maybe there's some joint OF content coming soon for the couple? Only time will tell, but we're here for it!