'Jolt' sneak peek: 'Fix it'

An exclusive look at the new Kate Beckinsale action movie, 'Jolt'

Video transcript

- It's not working. OK. Fix it.

- You're probably just building up a tolerance.

- No, I'm not.

- Look this is cutting edge avant-garde treatment.

- OK, well I'm sure you'll get the Nobel Prize once you're dead.

- Is that a threat?

- Can you fix it or not?

- All right. Here. Your emotions are running pretty high in order to override the system.

- Yeah, I have an unnaturally high level of cortisol, so my emotions are running high all the time.

- You cannot keep using biochemistry as an excuse all the time. So I'm assuming that the date was a disappointment then?

- I mean, given that its primary function was to test if I could partake in a customary social situation without beating the shit out of someone, then yeah, I would say, yeah. It was a real disappointment.