Jonathan Bailey dropped a SWEATY workout photo and his arms have gay Twitter going FERAL

Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey

Hold onto your butts, a new Jonathan Bailey workout pic has dropped and those arms are Jurassic!

The Bridgerton and Fellow Travelers star nabbed a new blockbuster gig in the upcoming Jurassic World 4 sequel which is rumored to also star Colman Domingo. In other words, it's mandatory queer viewing.

Also mandatory queer viewing, a new photo of Bailey getting pumped for his new action role. In the photo, Bailey is rocking blue shorts and a red tank that shows off his gorgeous arms and shoulders. At this point, we would be willing to wrestle a velociraptor to get those arms around us.

But see for yourself.


And we aren't the only ones in our FEELINGS about Bailey’s beefcake era, the replies on Twitter are exactly as you would expect. Keep scrolling for some of our faves.