Jonathan Bailey's 'naughty' charity T-shirt will have you seeing milk in a whole new light

drink your milk loewe tshirt jonathan Bailey lgbtq charity
drink your milk loewe tshirt jonathan Bailey lgbtq charity

Out actor Jonathan Bailey is raising money for the queer community in the naughtiest way possible, and we’re here for it!

Last week, the Bridgerton star launched The Shameless Fund, a charitable organization that’s raising money for LGBTQ+ initiatives, with a T-shirt that has our minds in the gutter.

In a recent interview, Bailey told Vogue that he wanted to do something “naughty” to bring in money for the charitable project. “How can I raise money without asking people to actually donate and sponsor, [but rather] to invite people to experience art and beautiful, inspiring, naughty, and exciting collaborations?”

The 36-year-old actor partnered with fashion designer Jonathan Anderson and his brand Loewe to release a white T-shirt that reads “Drink your milk” with faux milk dripping from the collar in a way that may have you thinking about other white…substances. The words emblazoned on the suggestive T-shirt are a reference to a particularly spicy scene from Fellow Travelers, a recent historical miniseries starring Bailey opposite Matt Bomer as gay lovers. Bomer’s character Hawk tells Bailey to “Shut up and drink your milk” in a scene that leaves the characters and audience both panting.

“That is a line in Fellow Travelers, immaculately and robustly performed by Matt Bomer in a way that I think will send shudders through many people in the best possible way,” Bailey said. “I wanted his performance to be immortalized, and I wanted my character’s reaction to it to be immortalized as well. I think this T-shirt does just that.”

The trailer released on Bailey's Instagram account is equally suggestive. It features a man drinking milk straight from the bottle while it pours down his face.

Bailey is also capitalizing on his star power to raise money for the charity by bringing in other celebs to model the T-shirts. Not only did his Bridgerton co-star Luke Newton sport the shirt, but queer Heartstopper stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke joined in on the naughty fun too.

The sexy T-shirts will be available in select Loewe stores and online starting June 27.

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