Get In, Jordan Belfort—the New Lego Countach Is Here

lego lamborghini countach car on table
The New Lego Countach Is Here—and We Built ItCollin Morgan, Tara Klein, Lego - Car and Driver

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One of the most iconic vehicles to set the bar in the supercar category has finally come to detailed brick form. Yes, the Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole (QV)—2-D posters of which adorned so many walls in the '80s—can now be assembled by hand and displayed in glorious 3-D.

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Lego's vehicle builds always impress, and when we heard a Countach was on the way, we snagged one and built it ourselves. There is a simpler Speed Champions version, but this Icons version is the real deal. It's true to the car's classic form—jagged, snow-white exterior with blood-red seats on the inside. Pop open the trunk to reveal the top of that chunky V-12 engine. A towering rear wing resembling a B-2 bomber completes the initial impression. Lego got this thing right.

The build contains a bible of an instruction manual, detailing how to assemble all 1506 pieces in 406 steps—including six tires. Wait, six? Yep, to replicate the insanely beefy tires on the real Countach, Lego created a way to connect four tires (two wide, two skinny) at the back to give it that iconic rear end.

Movable aspects include a frunk that opens with a sort of up-and-out mechanism, a rear hatch to expose the exterior of the V-12 (no internal moving parts on this one), and those beautiful scissor doors that work flawlessly. The full build takes up some space too, measuring close to four inches tall, more than six inches wide, and about 14 inches long.

Inside, the deep red interior beckons miniature-car enthusiasts to try out the large seats. The dashboard and radio details comprise printed bricks, so everything looks straight and accurate.

lego lamborghini countach on a shelf

Everything on the exterior looks tight and neat—Lego captured the physical aura of this supercar well. Installation took the better part of a long weekend, and after pushing through that good ol' thumb pain, the build was complete. We really had no issues while building, as Lego's step-by-step instructions continue to be impeccable.

lego lamborghini countach on a shelf with other lego cars

If your heart still beats with the sound of an '80s Italian V-12, this Lamborghini Countach is an excellent project to pick up. For Lego fans, this is the best part: There are zero stickers! We just hope you'll take better care of it than Mr. Belfort as played by Leonardo DiCaprio...

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