JORDY says Sniffies, cruising, & self-love inspired his spicy new album

JORDY Sex With Myself Sniffies New Album
JORDY Sex With Myself Sniffies New Album

This is the sexy content we need for Pride Month!

JORDY is one of the top male artists in pop music today and his confidence is shining more than ever with his provocative new album SEX WITH MYSELF.

With song titles including "CRUISE," "MEN," "CAN U HOST?" and more, there's no denying that JORDY is embracing his sexuality like never before.

"It's been so liberating. I just feel hot, horny, and excited. I feel truly free. I feel really comfortable in my skin right now and I wanted to make sure everyone felt represented," JORDY tells PRIDE.

Kinky people will certainly feel represented with JORDY's new record as the singer admits that his sexiest fantasies and real-life adventures, including Sniffies hookups, inspired all of the songs.

"I've cruised in my day! These are absolutely based on real desires and fantasies. It's really cool when you meet a stranger and end up having insane chemistry. There's nothing like it. [I'm] just being real!"

The star has certainly come a long way since his debut in the music industry. JORDY went viral on TikTok for his catchy bop "Long Distance," which is all about pursuing a relationship no matter how hard it may be.

Now, the singer is no longer catching flights or feelings for any man. Instead, he's putting his energy into loving himself above anything else.

"It is crazy looking back. At that time, I was in need of external validation from men. Why am I chasing these people who don't want me back? Why am I wasting so much time and energy? I think getting older is also realizing that there's no love without loving yourself. That's just plain and simple. This whole process has been very therapeutic."

Thanks to his vulnerabilities in his relatable music, JORDY hopes fans can feel themselves and find some comfort with this empowering album.

"Sex is universal. There's nothing to be ashamed of. As long as you're doing it safely, have fun! Leaning more into my dominant side has been really fun and healing for me, honestly. I really want people to feel that after they listen to the project. There's so many ways to explore that part of yourself and you should never shame yourself for any of those things."

SEX WITH MYSELF is available everywhere now. To see the full interview with JORDY, check out the video below.

JORDY Says Cruising, Sniffies, & Self-Love Inspired His New Album 'Sex With Myself'