Will Joseph Cook: I smash the fourth wall with my music videos

Sumit Rehal
Will Joseph Cook: "My music is super expressive"

At only 19-years old, indie pop singer Will Joseph Cook has already released two EPs and signed with Atlantic before releasing his debut album, Sweet Dreamer.

The artist's rise has come about thanks to the combination of imaginative songwriting and creative video direction, which has seen him get noticed around the country.

"The music video is the last step of a track feeling complete, it's not a single until there is a video," the singer said.

"The fourth wall is smashed to the ground with the music video as my videos have a lot of humour in them. It's important for a video to be a talking point as it would have been really easy for me to make a standard, cool video but I have to have something in the context.

"I like to do something that people might question, they either not like it or love it. When you're watching the music video, you might come for the song but you come back for the video. Such as if you look at the 'Girls Like Me' video, if someone said to you that they saw me in drag, that's enough to make someone go and watch it."

The Kent native has filled the house during his London shows over the last year, and feels a strong connection with the capital.

"London is where I played my first proper shows, it's where I first got signed," he said.

"Our London shows are often most energetic and definitely have magic to them. It's pretty mad, every time we put on a show, we double it every time. This next one is going to be twice the size."

As Will's audience grows, so is his artistic development, as the recently released debut album allowed him to experiment with more sounds and styles.

"My EPs were great for me to learn how to record music, however this album gives fans a broader idea of what music I like.

"There are many more expressive tracks this time round and I'm able to explore more territories as it's a full album where I can tell more of a story."

Despite the rising star's popular appeal, Will is determined to make sure that his music always has a deeper undertone while it's enjoyed.

"My music is super expressive but I want people to be able to enjoy it and have lots of fun with it,” he said. “But if people want to dive further, there is so much more depth to it,” he adds.

To celebrate the release of Sweet Dreamer, Will's tour hits London on May 11 at Heaven.