Joseph McCann: Victim of serial rapist 'angry' that probation service 'failed' her

A 17-year-old girl who was attacked in her family home by serial rapist Joseph McCann has said she feels "anger" at the probation service that "failed" to keep her and her family safe.

The teenager said she had "developed really bad anxiety" after she and her 11-year-old brother were molested by McCann as her mother was tied up with hair straighteners nearby.

She said: "My whole life will be controlled from what happened, living in constant fear of everything. I constantly feel like my life is in danger, I question situations during the day and feel nervous around people."

McCann launched his attack on the family in May last year, just four months after he was released from prison while serving an indeterminate sentence for other violent offences.

He went on to commit a spree of attacks on 11 women and children, despite an official Ministry of Justice review that found probation, police and prison authorities were warned as early as 2011 that he had indicators of a sex offender.

Speaking on Saturday, McCann's teenage victim said she felt "anger and so much upset for everyone that the probation service failed to keep us safe".

She told the BBC: "He has previous for sexual abuse and nothing was acted on."

Her comments also came after a recent government report found that the southeast and eastern probation division "did not manage McCann effectively".

"Before any of this happened, I had a lovely home, a close family and a really good job," the teenager said.

"After this happened, I lost everything, including my family home of 12 years and my relationship with my family."

She said the only thing that could get her out of bed each day was knowing that she was her "family's hero" for helping them escape the attack after jumping out a first-floor window.

"Knowing that I have my whole life to live and I got away from such a dangerous man shows I have courage and the fact I was able to keep my brother and mother safe is enough for me," she added.

McCann was handed 33 life sentences in December and will serve a minimum of 30 years in jail.