Joseph Quinn Is Already In The Gym For Fantastic Four, And I Am Getting Super Pumped For This Movie

 Joseph Quinn in Overlord.
Credit: Paramount

Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn will be playing with fire in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as he has joined the cast of The Fantastic Four, in which he'll play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch. The British actor will be the latest person to take on the iconic role, theatrically, after Michael B. Jordan played Torch in the 2015 film and Chris Evans played the fiery character in Tim Story's films. Ahead of production on MCU Phase Six film, Quinn is already hitting the gym to prep, and it's making me super pumped for this movie!

Playing The Human Torch absolutely requires an actor to be in top physical shape. Ahead of the upcoming reboot's productions start in July, Joseph Quinn told GQ about how he’s already hitting the gym for training. As for how his training for the new Fantastic Four movie is going, he said the following:

I’m eating stuff and lifting things. I’m working with someone great—if you’d cast someone as a personal trainer, you’d cast him, he’s a rhinoceros of a man. He’s very good at his job, he gets me to do the things I don’t want to do.

A quality trainer will definitely push you to do the grunt work you wouldn’t normally perform, and it sounds like the rising star has just such a person. By all accounts, Joseph Quinn has really been buying into fiery prep methods for playing Storm. (And no, he doesn’t intend to play the superhero role by setting himself on fire as he previously joked about.) If all goes to planned with his workouts, he'll be more than ready to fit into a skin-tight superhero costume by the time he jets off to Glastonbury. I'm personally excited to see the results of his hard work, and I know he'll crush the role!

All in all, the Overlord actor seems more than excited upcoming Marvel movie, and his mention of training makes the prospect of cameras rolling feel all the more real to me. Joseph Quinn already teased the “brilliant” vision The Fantastic Four has to offer audiences. For a while now, fans have been waiting to see a new version of the superhero family on the big screen, and the few details we have on the flick thus far indicate that this will be a fresh take on the quartet.

What we know so far about the film is that we won’t be getting an origin story this time around. Also, Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach will be playing the roles of Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, Susan Storm/Invisible Woman and Ben Grimm/The Thing, respectively, alongside Joseph Quinn. The first film of MCU Phase Six will also sport a somewhat retro vibe by the looks of the concept art. WandaVision’s Matt Shakman will be directing the new movie, with War of the Worlds scribe Josh Friedman writing it.

It's great that Joseph Quinn is getting in shape and, honestly, I'd assume that he's well adept at doing so by now, given he'll also appear in the upcoming Gladiator II. The wait for the forthcoming MCU film will be tough, but I'll just have to keep reminding myself that production is on the verge of starting, which means we're a step closer to getting the film.

You'll be able to see the actor take flight as the Human Torch and yell "flame one" on the big screen when The Fantastic Four opens in theaters on July 25 as part of the 2025 movie schedule.