Josh Brolin Wins the Fan Service Award With Bootylicious Thanos Pic

Autumn Kelly
Josh Brolin Wins the Fan Service Award With Bootylicious Thanos Pic

If you’re one of those people who was crushing on Thanos after Avengers: Infinity War, you are in the right place. Josh Brolin just shared a gift of epic proportions on Instagram: Thanos’ butt. It appears to be fan makeup, and shows just how thicc the Mad Titan really is. If you had any hesitation that Thanos is beautifully husky, that debate has concluded. Obviously, Josh Brolin agrees with the Marvel fanbase.


From Brolin's IG stories [NSFW] from r/marvelstudios

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Fan mockups of naked Thanos aren’t anything new, but all things considered, this one is the most SFW offering we’ve seen yet. The reaction to Thanos as eye candy was surprising to say the least, but the commentary picked up a lot of steam on social and news outlets.

In one of the more expressive essays, Charles Pulliam-Moore of i09 writes, “Let’s clear that up once and for all, shall we? He’s hot as shit,” he continues. “In a cinematic universe in which virtually all of the leading men are various flavors of traditional Hollywood beefcake, like muscular, bearded Boy Scout or dense, well-meaning space cowboy, Thanos is a breath of fresh air...When you’re looking at Thanos, what you’re really seeing is a hypermasculine fever dream of the male form superimposed upon Josh Brolin’s already rather dashing mug.”

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Vulture’s Nate Jones shares a similar sentiment, though it took him a few years to warm up to the idea. “Is Thanos hot? Like Archie in Riverdale, Thanos certainly got hotter...There’s a lot more Brolin in his face than before. (At least in the top half. The bottom half still … needs work.) I don’t know if I’d call him a Space Zaddy just yet, but alongside the Infinity Stones, he’s definitely stolen the title of Sexiest Single-Glove Wearer from its previous champion.”

So we will ask again, is Thanos hot or not? Personally, Thanos is a “but his face.” If I could see a little bit more Brolin in his eyes, maybe. Give Thanos a rating in the comments below.

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