Joshua Malina lays into Mel Gibson in heated op-ed: ‘Why is Hollywood still hiring this raging anti-Semite?’

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Joshua Malina lays into Mel Gibson in heated op-ed: ‘Why is Hollywood still hiring this raging anti-Semite?’

Actor Joshua Melina has criticised Hollywood over continuing to hire Mel Gibson for roles and directorial positions.

In an opinion piece for The Atlantic, Melina describes Gibson as a “well-known Jew hater” over the actor’s alleged anti-Semitic views.

Gibson has faced multiple allegations in the past for making racist, anti-semitic and homophobic comments. Back in July, he received more criticism after he was spotted saluting Donald Trump in a video.

Writing about the recent news that Gibson has been hired to direct the fifth instalment of the Lethal Weapon franchise, Melina wrote: “His prejudices are well documented. So my question is, what does a guy have to do these days to get put on Hollywood’s no-fly list? I’m a character actor. I tend to take the jobs that come my way. But—and this hurts to write—you couldn’t pay me enough to work with Mel Gibson.

“Now, I love the Lethal Weapon movies (at least the first few). And Danny Glover’s a gem. But Gibson? Yes, he’s a talented man. Many horrible people produce wonderful art... If Gibson is welcomed back to direct the latest instalment of this beloved franchise, it may be time to stop publishing think pieces about the power of “cancel culture.” Because if he can continue to find big bucks and approbation in Hollywood, cancel culture simply does not exist.”

Melina goes on to allege that Gibson’s “reported anti-Semitism has been more consistent, more open and more egregious” and questions why Studios like Warner Bros. continue to hire the actor.

“How can Warner Bros. (a company founded by Jews) possibly consider hiring this man again? On its parent company’s website I found a very laudable “inclusion” policy. It reads, in part, “WarnerMedia is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, as moral and business imperatives. It is essential that our workforce, content and creative partners reflect the diversity of our society and the world around us.”

He continued: “May I humbly suggest that in addition to a robust inclusion policy, Warner Bros. needs an equally robust exclusion policy?”

Melina went on to criticise the makers behind the upcoming John Wick origin series, which Gibson was recently cast in.

“Earlier this year it was announced that Gibson will star in a John Wick origin series for Starz and Lionsgate Television. How did this guy become such a hot ticket again? Is it just that memories of his hate speech have faded, while Hollywood’s recollection of his box-office pull remains?”

When news of Gibson’s casting in John Wick emerged, fans online reacted angrily to the news.

One Twitter user said “I will not be watching” when they heard the news. Another added: “[They’ve] ruined one of my favourite franchises and storylines with the addition of Mel Gibson.” A third Twitter user said: “If cancel culture were real, then why Mel Gibson?”

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