Joss Stone reveals she's being forced to 'take it easy' after uterus split in labour

Joss Stone attends the Fourth Annual LOVE ROCKS NYC Benefit Concert For God's Love We Deliver at Beacon Theatre on March 12, 2020 in New York City
Joss Stone has opened up about parenting while recovering from surgery following the birth of her second child. (Getty Images)

Joss Stone has opened up about the challenges of parenting two young children while recovering from surgery.

The singer, 35, has revealed that she is being forced to "take it easy" after her uterus split while giving birth to her second child in October.

Last month, Stone – who also has a 23-month-old daughter Violet – shared that her son Shackleton had arrived following a 32-hour labour.

She told The Sunday Times Magazine: "My uterus split with Shack, so I’m having to take it extra easy and it’s been difficult lifting Violet because of the surgery.

"I'd normally take her and our dog, Maggie, for a walk around the lake or to an adventure playground, which I'll do again when I can."

Stone shares her two children with partner Cody DaLuz, who she met during a chance encounter at an airport in Belize.

The star also revealed that in the past she has had to take up to three flights a day while touring, which she admitted "sucked".

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She added: "Having kids makes you go slower. It's given me this wonderful excuse not to cram my schedule. Touring is different now. We always go by bus and travel at night, when the kids are asleep.

"I don't know how it's going to go with two of them because Cody's working as well. We don't want to enlist help but we might have to."

In December, Stone revealed that her uterus split after a lengthy labour in which she had to undergo an emergency caesarean section.

She told The Sun: "My baby's heartbeat started dropping and I had this intense pain. I heard his little heartbeat go down and down.

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"I said: 'Something's happened to my baby!’ and the nurse grabbed the phone to call the obstetric emergency team.

“What I didn’t realise at the time is that my uterus had split open, and my baby's head was stuck in my abdomen."

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