Joss Stone wants to explore adoption to have more children after difficult birth

Joss Stone has revealed that she and her partner Cody DaLuz want more children and are open to adoption.

It comes after the “Super Duper Love” singer experienced a difficult birth with her second child, during which her uterus split.

Stone, 35, underwent an emergency caesarean while giving birth to son Shackleton in October this year.

She said doctors had told her she can have another child but that she would be unable to “give birth naturally”.

The couple, who also share daughter Violet, said they may explore adoption.

Stone told Hello! magazine: “I definitely want to have more children.

“The doctor has said I can have another one but I definitely can’t give birth naturally because my uterus split.

“I’ve always wanted to adopt and Cody was adopted so he wants to adopt, too. We’ll see but I’d like as many kids as I can.”

The Devon-raised soul vocalist also announced her family are moving back to the UK from Nashville.

She said: “I think we’ll come home at the end of next year because I need to sort out Violet’s schooling. My mum is like ‘You’ve got to get on with it’.

“In my dreams I want us to settle in Devon near family and make some roots.

“I had a lovely upbringing there and I’d like to give that to Violet and Shack; somewhere they can learn to ride horses, grow vegetables and climb trees.

“I think Cody is excited about going to England and seeing what it’s like. Fingers crossed he’ll love it. But if not we can always come back.”

Stone announced her second pregnancy in April 2022 after suffering a “horrible” miscarriage. In a video, she opened up about the “s***ty” experience and said it wasn’t “something that you can get over”.

“The beautiful part of the story is that there are rainbows after storms, and it’s just lovely and I’m very excited,” she continued in the video after revealing a positive pregnancy test. “I can’t wait to meet my baby.”

The full interview in Hello! is available now.