Journalist Captures Moment Airstrike Hits Khan Shaykhun Hospital

Following a suspected chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun on April 4, several media activists entered the town’s hospital to issue a video report on the victims being treated before what was described as a “double-tap airstrike” on the hospital.

This video, captured by a local activist Fadi al-Halabi, was taken from inside the hospital during the moment of the airstrike. The strike was also later reported by prominent Syrian activist Hadi Al-Abdallah. Shortly after the blast, Fadi, alongside Abd al-Kader Habak and Yaman Khateeb, filmed a short video informing their followers that they were alive and safe after the blast.

Syrian activists quoting Dr Feras al-Jundi, one of the doctors treating victims, suggested that the death toll rose significantly in recent hours beyond the 40 who were initially pronounced dead by the Idlib Media Center several hours ago. Unconfirmed reports say as many as 100 people have died in the air raids which targeted the Idlib provincial town. Reuters, quoting the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, report a death toll of 58. Credit: Facebook/Fadi al-Halabi via Storyful