Joy Reid calls GOP a ‘Covid-loving death cult’

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Television host Joy Reid launched into a humorous and damming speech on her Wednesday ReidOut show, about how Republicans love Covid, and stating they are in a “creepy little Covid-loving death cult”.

“OK, we get it! Covid is the precious and you love it,” said Ms Reid. “You love Covid so much you want it to spread into schools, at the office, in the Walmart, on the cruise ships and in the club. That great spongy ball with the red spikes, you want it pumping through your veins with an Ivermectin chaser. Why do you love it do dadgum so much? We have absolutely no b****y idea.”

She continued by calling Republicans “weirdos” and saying “everyone else hates Covid. It is ravaging classrooms and hospitals across the nation, like in southern Illinois where there are zero ICU beds available”.

The host went on to list Covid-related atrocities in the US and accounted people who had died of the disease.

“Even the Pope hates Covid too,” continued Ms Reid, “and he loves everybody. He also says get vaccinated.”

In California’s recent recall vote, in which Governor Newsom prevailed in a historic referendum on his coronavirus leadership, exit polls showed the majority of the electorate regarded Covid policy their number one priority. Around 65 per cent said the governor’s response to the crisis was about right or not strict enough.

Governor Newsom defeated Trumpist Republican challenger Larry Elder, who towed the GOP’s libertarian line on coronavirus, by resisting mask and vaccine mandates for California’s state workers and debating the value of vaccines for younger generations.

“I don’t believe the science suggests that young people should be vaccinated. I don’t believe the science suggests that young people should have to wear masks at school,” Mr Elder told CNN in August.

After playing a clip of Mr Elder’s interview Ms Reid continued. “It’s tangible proof that your creepy little Covid-loving death cult ways are not going to work for you at the ballot box next year. In fact, it’s political suicide and apparently talk radio suicide, because your brilliant little plan is killing your hosts.”

Dr Anthony Fauci critic Dick Farrel, who claimed the vaccine was “bogus bull” is one of the conservative radio hosts who has passed away after contracting coronavirus. Anti-masker Marc Bernier, plus conservative presenters Phil Valentine and Dick Farrel, have also died as a result of Covid.

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