Joy Reid Says Trump’s Lack of Aging Reflects Poor Management of COVID: ‘He Was Playing Golf the Whole Time’ | Video

Joy Reid thinks Donald Trump looks the same as when he first ran for president because he didn’t do the real work required of a leader during a pandemic.

The journalist participated in an MSNBC panel alongside Rachel Maddow to fact-check Trump’s Super Tuesday speech, in which he bragged that his campaign is one of the most well-managed. Reid shot that down immediately, citing the United States’ GDP from 2019 to 2022.

“There’s one factor in all four of those [numbers]: Donald Trump had one job, he had one crisis. He said, ‘Oh, all of these things were perfect.’ You had one crisis bruh, it was called the pandemic. And you know what you did,” Reid said. “You did so poorly at managing your sole crisis, the one hard thing to do.”

She continued, “The reason he doesn’t look old like [Joe] Biden looks older — the presidency ages you when you do the job. [Barack] Obama went gray because he was doing the work. Donald Trump looks the same as when he ran because he was playing golf the whole time.”

Colleague Stephanie Ruhle then stopped Reid to ask her if she really thought Trump’s hair color was natural, which elicited laughter.

“That too. He messed it up so badly that they had to do the [stimulus check]. People love the ‘stimmy,’” Reid said. “Why did he have to do the stimmy? Because a million bodies are in the ground. It was because of how poorly he managed an airborne virus.”

However, Ruhle made sure to point out that the stimulus checks were Nancy Pelosi’s idea. Maddow also emphasized the balance of airing Trump’s false remarks with the fact-checking the panelists provided in response.

“It is a decision that we revisit constantly in terms of the balance between allowing somebody to knowingly lie on your air about things they’ve lied about before and you can predict they’re going to lie about,” she prefaced the panel. “It’s irresponsible to allow them to do that. It’s a balance between knowing that that’s irresponsible to broadcast and also knowing that as the soon to be de facto nominee of the Republican Party, this is not only the man who is likely to be the Republican candidate for president, but this is the way he’s running.”

Ruhle suggested that they “fact-check the hell out of him,” but Maddow still stressed how it looks to give Trump’s speech airtime at all.

“We do that after the fact and that is the best remedy that we’ve got,” Maddow said. “It does not fix the fact that we broadcast it.”

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