Joyride victims claim 'our injuries are life sentences' after attackers jailed for four years

Tristan Kirk, Lauren Pilat
Victim: Estelle Boon, 32, says she has 'closure' following the sentencing

Two friends mown down by a joyrider say their injuries have left them with “life sentences” after he was jailed for just four years.

Estelle Boon and Jonathan Cleaver, both 32, were queuing to get into the Old Queen’s Head in Islington in March when Jason Furtado, fleeing police in a stolen car, mounted the pavement.

Ms Boon, a PR consultant from Bow, was thrown on the bonnet of the silver Peugeot and broke her skull and leg. Mr Cleaver, a mechanical engineer, was carried along on the bonnet before falling off and being run over. He broke both legs and suffered head injuries.

Today Ms Boon said: “It was as if someone had punched me in the face with incredible force. When I came to everyone was surrounding me and my head was bleeding... I was in so much agony I thought I’d broken my back.”

She was taken to hospital for a six-hour operation and had a steel rod put in her right leg.

Jonathan Cleaver spent three months wheelchair bound while having to learn to walk again

She said: “I spent one week in hospital and in that time I was on morphine and in so much pain, I couldn’t sleep and I was up all night crying.”

She still sees a physiotherapist twice a week and a counsellor for anxiety.

“Our injuries have been a life sentence because we don’t know how long we will continue needing treatment,” she said.

Injured: Estelle Boon

Mr Cleaver, who had to move out of London to be cared for by family, said: “It’s a life-changing experience and it makes you appreciate what you have.”

A third victim, Charlotte Harris, broke her collarbone and eye socket. After the crash in Essex Road, at 11pm on March 25, up to seven people were seen fleeing the car.

Furtado, 20, of Islington, was arrested and admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving and aggravated vehicle taking. He was jailed at Blackfriars crown court on Friday and will be banned from driving for three years on release.

Ms Boon said: “It’s given me some sort of closure.”

Aqeel Smith, 18, of Ilford; Malique Howe, 19, of Lewisham; and two boys, 17 and 15, were convicted of aggravated vehicle taking. Smith got 18 months in a young offender institution. Howe got a 12-month sentence, suspended for a year. The 17-year-old got 18 months’ detention and the 15-year-old was given a 12-month youth referral order.