Jubilee ‘fabulous opportunity to show London and the Met at its best’

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will give the Metropolitan Police an opportunity to show themselves at their best, the force’s gold commander for the event has said.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray has spent months organising the force’s operations over the Jubilee weekend.

She told the PA news agency on Wednesday that the event was also an opportunity to show London at its best.

“Policing the Jubilee is an absolute privilege and that privilege is whether we are policing here at Buckingham Palace and in the Mall or whether we are working across every community in London”, she said.

“And that is what people will see.

“They will see police officers across London throughout this weekend and I think that this is just such a fabulous opportunity to show London at its best and to show the Met at its best.

“And really to take so many opportunities to speak to members of the public and do what it is we do on a daily basis, out there keeping people safe, and that’s what we are aiming to do for this weekend.”

Ms Gray said that the force was excited for the event.

“The preparation for this weekend has been going on for months and months now and we’re really excited that the weekend has finally come”, she said.

“We’re hoping that everyone in London and watching on TV across the world sees London at it’s very best.”

She said that the weekend was a “fabulous opportunity” for joint working across every agency.

Barbara Gray said policing the Jubilee is an absolute privilege (PA)

“Everyone has worked really well together as we’ve prepared so there has been no part any more difficult than anything else”, she said.

“It has just been a really fantastic opportunity for joint working across every agency.”

Standing outside Buckingham Palace, she said that the weather can be the biggest concern for the force when policing an event such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

She said: “Our biggest concern can very often be shaped by the weather and we are hoping that the weather for this weekend is going to be largely sunny with a few showers.”

She said it was an “absolute privilege” go be involved in the Jubilee weekend.

However, she added that she would be “tired” and “a little sad” when it is all over.

“Tired, but we know it’s going to be a fabulous weekend, so probably just a little sad as well,” she said.

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