Jude Law attracts cinema security's attention after going to watch film in black hoodie

Ines Ocampo
The Hollywood actor was at the Bath Odeon to watch new drama Detroit (pictured earlier this year)  - Invision

Jude Law managed to attract cinema security’s attention after making an undercover appearance in a black hoodie.

Connor Walter, one of the attendants at the Odeon cinema in Bath, was told by his manager to keep an eye out for the bearded man with his hood up who was “acting strangely” in the main foyer.

Mr Walter, however, immediately recognised the Hollywood actor when he went to tear his cinema ticket for a showing of new drama Detroit.

As Law exited the cinema, Mr Walter asked him for a picture and managed to slip him a handwritten note with his email address into his back pocket.

To Mr Walter's immense surprise, he received an email 30 minutes later from the two-time Academy Award nominee who apologised for rushing off and praising him for being another “movie madman”.

Law - who described himself as a "film obsessive" in the email - wrote: "I am always aware of making a scene in public. Hence the hood!"

Speaking about the evening, Mr Walter said: "I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all since."

Law is thought to be filming JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts 2 in Wiltshire, near Bath, where he will be playing young Dumbledore.