Judge bans Sir Michael Caine’s daughter from driving

Michael Caine with daughter Dominique Caine - Fred Duval/FilmMagic
Michael Caine with daughter Dominique Caine - Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Sir Michael Caine’s daughter has been banned from driving for six months, despite pleading with a judge that she needs her vehicle to help care for her 89-year-old father.

Dominique Caine, 65, was caught doing 64mph in a 50mph zone in her Range Rover on the A436 in the Cotswolds on May 3 last year.

Ms Caine was handed three penalty points for the offence, meaning she was liable for a six-month ban as she had reached 12 points in total. Ms Caine pleaded guilty to the driving charge on Nov 15 last year.

She claimed that the ban would make it more difficult for her to travel into London to visit her father, but District Judge Nicholas Wattam imposed the full penalty regardless.

Ms Caine’s relationship to one of Britain’s best known actors emerged during the hearing at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court, when the judge read a letter of support from her mother, Shakira Caine.

'The issue isn't financial'

Judge Wattam asked James Findon, defending: “Are we dealing with a famous name? I have a number of letters of support from Shakira Caine.

“Therefore are we talking about Sir Michael?”

Mr Findon confirmed that Ms Caine is indeed Sir Michael’s daughter.

Judge Wattam responded: “So money isn’t really an issue with this family?”

Mr Findon replied: “The issue isn’t financial. The issue is the flexibility with which she is able to assist in providing care for her father.

“She provides care to her father, who is based in London. If she was deprived of her ability to drive, it would necessitate the use of three trains and two buses. The travel time would be in excess of eight hours.”

He said Ms Caine also needed to be able to drive so she can continue to help a woman who is struggling to run an events business.

The business owner believes that without Ms Caine’s help and input she would not be able to keep afloat, he said.

'Unable to find exceptional hardship'

The judge explained that a driving ban for someone on 12 points or more could only be avoided if it was proved they would face “exceptional hardship”.

He also suggested that Ms Caine could employ a driver, if required. Mr Findon said that was something he and Ms Caine had discussed.

“Drivers these days are a scarcity, especially when dealing with unusual and anti-social hours,” he said.

“Ms Caine is at the stables at 6am and is still there at 10pm so, again, the driver is not going to wait around all day. It just wouldn’t work.”

Disqualifying her from driving for six months, Judge Wattam said: “You pleaded guilty to speeding at 64mph in a 50mph zone and you will be fined £200 for this.

“Your driving licence will be endorsed with three penalty points which, because you already have nine points recorded on it, makes you a ‘totter’ for which you have to be banned from driving.

“I am unable to find exceptional hardship in your case and therefore I must disqualify you from driving for the next six months.”