Judges slam Indian authorities' lack of care of Taj Mahal, saying: 'Restore it, demolish it or we'll shut it down'

Hopeless cause – judges said the preservation of the Taj Mahal was a “hopeless cause” because of the lethargy of the authorities charged with maintaining it (Picture: Getty)

The Indian government has been told to restore the beauty of the Taj Mahal or it will be shut down or demolished.

The ultimatum was delivered by judges at India’s Supreme Court, who slammed the country’s central and Uttar Pradesh governments for their “lethargy” in maintaining the world-famous marble building.

They were reported as saying: “Either we will shut down the Taj or you demolish or restore it.”

Another news outlet reported them as saying: “You can shut down the Taj. You can demolish it if you like and you can also do away with it if you have already decided.

“Uttar Pradesh is not bothered. No action plan or vision document has come yet. Either you demolish it or you restore it.:

Discoloured – the world-famous building is apparently discoloured due to pollution (Picture: Getty)

The court was hearing a petition that calls for the proper maintenance of the Taj, which is becoming discoloured because of pollution around it.

The judges branded the 16th century building’s preservation a “hopeless cause” and told the authorities it feels are behind the neglect.


The judges drew a comparison with the Eiffel Tower, which it said looks like a ‘TV Tower’, saying: “Our Taj is more beautiful.

“If you had looked after it your foreign exchange problem would have been solved.”