Julia Bradbury debating hormone treatment

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Julia Bradbury was diagnosed with breast cancer last year credit:Bang Showbiz
Julia Bradbury was diagnosed with breast cancer last year credit:Bang Showbiz

Julia Bradbury has not yet been given the "all clear" from cancer.

The 'Countryfile' presenter underwent a mastectomy and had two lymph glands removed in October after being diagnosed with breast cancer last July, but she still has "micro-invasions" - tiny fragments of cancer cells which have leached into her breast tissue - so is trying to decide whether she should embark on hormone therapies which would help reduce the likelihood of the disease recurring.

She said: "They’re potentially life-saving drugs but they come with significant side effects for some women – joint pain, osteoporosis, trouble with your teeth, risk of uterine cancer and a running jump straight into menopause. I have young children to consider and it’s hard to know what’s best."

The 51-year-old star - who has Zeph, 10, and seven-year-old twins Zena and Xanthe with husband Gerrard - has also undergone genetic testing which showed she has a higher than average risk of cancer returning in the future.

She told You magazine: "I’m in the top five or six per cent of women in the country in terms of the likelihood of recurrence. That puts me in the 'moderate risk' category – higher than the average woman – but, look, it’s about percentages and perspectives.

"The doctors have not found a huge spread of an aggressive cancer. I have lost my breast but been able to have an implant and keep my own nipple.

"I feel lucky and grateful every single day, and I have to learn to live with this risk, to accept the fragility of life, without it consuming me."

But Julia admitted she wishes she had undergone the SNPs testing earlier in her life.

She said: "If I’d had SNPs testing when I was 40, I may not have needed a mastectomy.

"I would have been on a watch list, been more vigilant myself, started screening earlier and perhaps made some lifestyle changes a decade ago."

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