Julia Bradbury stars on the cover of Prima's October issue!

julia bradbury prima october
Prima's October issue is out now! Hearst Owned

How can the natural world help your health? If one person knows the answer, it's Julia Bradbury. Her new book, Walk Yourself Happy, is out this September. And in Prima's brand new October issue, she shows how you can harness the power of Mother Nature, too.

"Now that I'm older and a mum, I understand nature in a different way... Nature is a real leveller," she says. "It doesn't matter if you're a CEO, a nurse or a TV presenter – when we're standing under a tree, taking a view up a mountain, looking wistfully at a river or enjoying a walk, we're all the same."

Julia also opens up on what having breast cancer has taught her about health, love and happiness. Her story about her experience brings home how life-changing cancer can be. Read the full interview in the new issue of Prima.

With it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Dr Sarah Brewer focuses on the benefits of mammogram screening and why we must go to our appointments.

In our health pages, we also take a look at how long medicines really last and psychologist Dr Kim Schnack shares her foolproof methods for beating anxiety.

Elsewhere in the new issue, we're looking ahead to the autumn season. Our fashion pages will help you master the art of modern dressing, by building a capsule wardrobe of ageless everyday looks. You'll want to put these outfits on again and again!

Looking for an autumn refresh? Take inspiration from Jennie, who transformed her dark and dated kitchen into a stylish family space, using second-hand units – that's a smart and sustainable win in our eyes!

If you're planning on spending more time in your kitchen this autumn, you'll love our seasonal recipes using blackberries, which you can find growing wild in hedgerows across Britain well into October.

The new issue of Prima is out no, so go on and grab a copy!

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