The Jump dumped by Channel 4 after 34 contestants suffered injuries in four years

Axed: Channel 4 has axed The Jump for 2018: Steve Brown/Channel 4
Axed: Channel 4 has axed The Jump for 2018: Steve Brown/Channel 4

Channel 4 has decided to axe controversial show The Jump for 2018 after 34 celebrity contestants suffered injuries.

The broadcaster will “rest” the skiing contest for 2018 as there is “a huge amount of winter sports” on television at the beginning of the year with the Winter Olympics.

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 said: "The Jump has been a hugely successful brand for Channel 4 over the last four years.

"However, with such a huge amount of winter sport on screen at the start of 2018 we have decided to rest the show for the year."

A number of viewers called for the series to be axed after stars including Beth Tweddle, Rebecca Adlington and Tina Hobley were all hospitalised with injuries.

Former gymnast Tweddle broke two vertebrae in her neck and had to have part of her hip removed while Hobley was still using a cane more than a year after injuring her knee and shoulder.

Ola Jordan, Sarah Harding, Heather Mills and Mark-Francis Vandelli were also among the stars to suffer injuries.

“'It’s felt like The Jump has been on borrowed time for a while now as the injuries mount up series after series. The fact Channel 4 have decided against bringing it back next year suggests it’s not a loved property,” a source told The Sun.

“'If it was getting big enough numbers or deemed an important show, it would be locked into the schedule every year like The X Factor or I’m a Celebrity.”

The insider added: “Bringing back an expensive format green-lit by their predecessor us unlikely to be on their agenda.”