Jumping for joy! Hilarious video shows lamb bouncing along

This hilarious video captures the moment a lamb jumps in the air and bounces along the ground towards the camera. Sharon Murray, 49, loves watching the nearby lambs play every day near her house in Elgin, Moray. Mother-of-two Sharon couldn't believe how inquisitive the young lamb was, as they usually just run away. Sharon said: "I was just walking by the farm fields that I live beside and saw a few of them playing and jumping about. "It was great fun watching them. "I've seen them jumping around the field a few times. "I could have watched them all day. "I was amazed when they came running over as they normally just run off but these two were so inquisitive. "It was too good not to share, the second one at the back was just so funny the way it was bouncing along. "I shared it on social media and it's had over 2.3k likes so far and over 400 shares. "They've certainly put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces...what's not to love." This video was filmed on the 11th May 2021.