Jumping Shark Almost Lands on Passing Boat Off Queensland Coast

A group of Queenslanders witnessed a shark repeatedly jumped out of the ocean off the coast of Queensland, Australia, on July 12.

Karly Nolan captured the moment the shark breached the water in several spectacular leaps, one of which almost landed the large fish in a passing boat.

Commenting on amazed online reaction to the footage, Nolan told Storyful: “This is actually insane, a few Aussie bogans out on a Sunday doing what they love: spearing and filling eskies, and the video gets shared on Facebook to have this outcome.”

Nolan suspected the animal was a shortfin mako shark, the fastest shark in the world. Mako sharks have a reputation for impressive leaping, according to marine conservation organization Oceana. Credit: Karly Nolan via Storyful