June Whitfield funeral: Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley join mourners to say goodbye

Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders have joined family and friends of their Absolutely Fabulous co-star and "national treasure" Dame June Whitfield to say goodbye at her funeral.

Mourners had been asked to wear bright colours in tribute to the veteran actress, who died in December at the age of 93 .

Her wicker casket was also covered in bright flowers for the service, which was held in Tillington, West Sussex.

Dame June's career covered eight decades in showbusiness, including roles in the Carry On films, stage productions and TV hits.

But she was best known for her roles in the long-running sitcom Terry and June, and Absolutely Fabulous, playing Edina Monsoon's mother.

Speaking before the service, daughter Suzy Aitchison, an actress who starred in Jam & Jerusalem, said she wanted to celebrate her mother's life.

"I think she would have been overwhelmed," she said.

"We are trying to have a celebration of life, that is why we are so brightly dressed - Mum asked for us to wear bright, lovely attire."

Reverend Debbie Smith, who led the service, said: "We are holding the balance between June as just a wonderful woman who was part of this community and contributed wonderfully, as well as having a public face as well."

She told the congregation: "She is remembered as an adorable, much-loved woman, known as a national treasure, a role model to many."

A eulogy was given by Roy Hudd, Dame June's radio co-star.

He said: "She was that rare bird - a goody that looked magical. I had a 35-year course in comedy from the very best."

This was followed by a eulogy by Ms Aitchison, called Memories of Mum.

She said: "Mum was not special, she was very special, not because she was super-talented and fantastic but in spite of it.

"She was known as lovely, approachable, kind, supporting, effervescent, funny and beautiful. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone."

She added: "I am just happy you passed away peacefully in your sleep, as you wanted, and now you are going to rest with Dad.

"You had the perfect end to your wonderful life, no-one could have written your final exit better, no-one could have written you better, you will always be much-loved, missed and unforgettable."

The service concluded with the hymn Jerusalem, and Get Happy, sung by Judy Garland.