Jungle Cruise Boat Begins to Sink at Walt Disney World

A boat in a Walt Disney World attraction in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, began sinking on February 27. All passengers were able to safely exit the vessel, the Orlando Sentinel reported, citing officials.

A Disney spokesperson told local media the Reedy Creek Fire Department was “immediately” called to respond to the incident at the Jungle Cruise attraction at Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World. Nobody was taken to the hospital, reports said.

It was unclear what caused the sinking and how many people were aboard the boat, according to local media.

This video, posted on Twitter by Michael Farnham, shows people standing on a boat as water streams in and people step onto higher surfaces to avoid the submerged flooring.

The 10-minute Jungle Cruise attraction features a ride through a river aboard a canopied tramp steamer steered by a skipper, according to Disney. Credit: Michael Farnham via Storyful