'There Is Junk Everywhere': Tornado-Warned Storm Causes Damage in Mauston

A tornado-warned storm hit Mauston, Wisconsin, on June 15, scattering debris and flipping trucks on their side.

The National Weather Service warned that a tornado was on the ground in southern Juneau County heading towards Mauston at 4:47 pm on Wednesday, urging residents to seek shelter.

Video posted to Facebook by Troy Moran shows debris scattered in a parking lot of a Denny’s in Mauston. Another video posted by Moran shows a truck flipped on its side on a highway out of the town. Credit: Troy Moran via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh yeah, they got hit hard here.

TROY MORAN: Got hit with a tornado in Mauston. There is junk everywhere.


TROY MORAN: [INAUDIBLE] in the rain.


TROY MORAN: [INAUDIBLE] Oh, they got busted out.


They're sitting here at the Denny's.

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