Jury shown footage of Sir Richard Sutton murder suspect leading police on 135mph chase through London

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New footage shows the man accused of paralysing his mother and murdering aristocrat and hotelier Sir Richard Sutton being pursued through London by armed police at speeds of up to 135mph.

The high-speed chase took place after 35-year-old Thomas Schreiber allegedly stabbed his mother Anne Schreiber and her 83-year-old partner – who owned a string of top London hotels and was on the Sunday Times Rich List – at their home near Gillingham, Dorset in April.

As part of an ongoing trial at Winchester Crown Court, the jury were shown clips of the high-speed chase along the A303 and M3 captured from a police helicopter and body-worn video from a pursuing vehicle.

The footage shows the chase coming to an end in what was described as a “hard stop” in Chiswick, when the Range Rover being driven by Mr Schreiber collided with a police car.

Mr Schreiber, who was then tasered, can be seen being dragged from the vehicle before officers remove his clothes to locate where he had stabbed himself in the chest.

“Please kill me now, please just shoot me,” Mr Schreiber is heard repeatedly calling out, adding: “I am asking you to put a bullet in my f****** head.”

An officer replies: “Mate, that’s not going to happen, stop asking.”

Mr Schreiber has pleaded guilty to driving dangerously on the A303, M3 and A4. He denies murdering Sir Richard and attempting to murder his mother, but has admitted to Sir Richard’s manslaughter.

Prosecuting barrister Adam Feest QC told Winchester Crown Court on Wednesday that heard that Mr Schreiber admitted to medics that he had stabbed his mother and Sir Richard, saying: “I was drunk and just snapped.”

A post-mortem examination of Sir Richard’s body and an investigation of the “extensively blood-stained scene” suggested that he was attacked downstairs in the house before managing to go upstairs, where after a “pause” in the violence, he was attacked again and died, Mr Feest said.

His injuries included three deep wounds to his face as well as five chest stab wounds up to 12cm deep, according to Home Office pathologist Dr Basil Purdue.

Ms Schreiber, who remains in hospital nearly seven months after the attack, suffered up to 15 stab wounds to the back of her head, arm, chest, neck, shoulder and back.

In a video statement to the court, the 66-year-old recalled that her son’s eyes looked “terribly, terribly determined” and described him as looking “very, very unusual, very, very out of control”.

“He stood with his knife, he certainly didn’t look like he was going to help me peel potatoes, let’s put it that way, it was definitely a threatening posture,” Ms Schreiber said, adding: “I believe that he stabbed me, I received some stab wounds from him and I remember looking at the knife in me and being surprised that it doesn’t hurt.

“I am also remembering me saying ‘What are you doing?’ or something ridiculous like that, and being very surprised that it doesn’t hurt more.

“Then I believe, I may be wrong, that Richard comes in from the other living room, shouting and screaming, he was definitely alive because I did see him.”

She added: “I honestly can’t say that I have seen Richard being stabbed by Tom, but I know I am, that’s for sure.

“He also goes behind me towards the island, and I do believe he stabs me on the back at that time, and I am afraid that is as far as my memory goes.”

Questioned by Joe Stone QC, who is representing the defendant, Ms Schreiber said she remembered her son say to her: “You’re a gold-digging b****”, but could not recall him saying: “I’m not f****** drunk.”

She said her son had been “very strongly” affected by the death of his father – who passed away exactly eight years prior to the day of the attack – and had never come to terms with it.

She said the defendant was not happy when she moved in with Sir Richard in 2003, and added: “He found it difficult, Thomas didn't like my friend and lover Richard Sutton to be part of his life, on the other hand he didn't like his father to be there either.”

The trial continues.

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