28 Photos I Found This Month That I Feel Like I Definitely Wasn't Supposed To See

1.This person, whose body sent them a very clear, "eff you!"

the middle finger is a different color from the rest of their hand

2.This person who found a bottle of cough syrup in their attic that was so old, it was still made with heroin in it:

  u/theoneandonlytravv / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/theoneandonlytravv / Reddit / Via reddit.com

3.This "I'm sorry" letter OP's kid gave her that's giving ~baby's first ransom note~:

written on a napkin the note says, i am so sorry please forgive me

It's the "

u/plsdontkillmelol69 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

4.This open grave that we can all agree someone (something?) escaped from, right?

one of the grave boxes is opened and looks like someone kicked it off from the inside
u/JonCarling / Reddit / Via reddit.com

5.This person, who I can only assume is brewing an absolutely wild potion in here:

the flames under the pot are green

And yes, soup does count as a potion, IMO!

u/TheSiZaReddit / Reddit / Via reddit.com

6.This letter from the Ohio Department of Taxation that certainly doesn't make whatever's inside sound like good news:

988 suicide and crisis lifeline
u/A7x4LIFE521 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

7.This chopped up veg that kinda looks like there was an alien invasion and, uh, the aliens did not win:

Come in piece.

Come in piece.

u/LucidCunning / Reddit / Via reddit.com

8.This unfortunately placed jacket that would have me calling 911 STAT:

jacket hanging over a post that looks like it could be a person
u/MrSluagh / Reddit / Via reddit.com

9.This headless person waiting for the subway, because headless horsemen are soooo 1820s:

someone leaning and laying down on a bench but their head isn't seen
u/IveGotStockinOptions / Reddit / Via reddit.com

10.This photo, which gives "space ships" a whole new definition:

it looks like a boat is floating in the air

11.This bus ad that proves time travel is real, because in the year 2024 we are still trying to get people vaccinated for polio like it's the 1950s:

  u/JukeBoxDildo / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/JukeBoxDildo / Reddit / Via reddit.com

12.This cool as heck cloud that's either A) a portal to another dimension where everything is pastel or B) aliens:

colorful cloud in the sky
u/ROBOXPLOSION / Reddit / Via reddit.com

13.This crosswalk button that's apparently been repurposed as a very effective "press for snails" button:

snails crowding around a crosswalk sign and button
u/Mental_Impression316 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

14.This strange metal obelisk someone found in the middle of the woods. This whole encounter gives "opening scene of a horror movie" energy, really:

  u/Mad_duck4 / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/Mad_duck4 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

15.These alternate universe black-and-white Cheetos that I really hope are black and white on the inside, too:

  u/LockPickingPilot / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/LockPickingPilot / Reddit / Via reddit.com

16.This sign that would have me ready to shell out $50, because now I gotta know what secrets lurk behind this mystery door:

please please please do not open this door there is nothing behind this door, if you open we charge $50
u/goestotwelve / Reddit / Via reddit.com

17.This Chamomile tea that brewed into something soooo purple it looks a little radioactive:

  u/meowchyman / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/meowchyman / Reddit / Via reddit.com

18.This lil' leaf that looks suspiciously like the view when you look outside an airplane, which can only mean one thing: lil' cities of tiny bugs!!!

  u/frogmug / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/frogmug / Reddit / Via reddit.com

19.This delicious looking Nutella sandwich that— haha just kidding, it's actually just a banana cut in half:

  u/c4x14s / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/c4x14s / Reddit / Via reddit.com

20.This absolute mindfuck of a picture that took my brain — and that of everyone in this Reddit thread — no less than two business days to comprehend what the heck we were looking at:

looks like a bunch of tie-dye

21.This train station in Denmark that looks like what happens when Thomas the Train doesn't get what he wants:

three trains with red eyes in the dark so they look angry
u/Monsur_Ausuhnom / Reddit / Via reddit.com

22.This person who told Reddit that no matter how many times they close this hatch above their bed, it opens again when they're not around. IDK how to break this to you, bestie, but someone is definitely watching you sleep from there!!!

  u/WHITE_2_SUGARS / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/WHITE_2_SUGARS / Reddit / Via reddit.com

23.This grandpa who still has his ORIGINAL PHONE that was installed over a hundred years ago! I had no idea phones once looked like this! In order to make a call, OP explained that you'd ask the operator to connect you to the person you wanted to call either by their name or by their street address:

a box wired into the wall with the receiver and ear piece on a table underneath
u/mechanicalcanibal / Reddit / Via reddit.com

24.This mussel pasta that came with a fun lil' surprise — tiny crabs inside every single mussel (and, probably, food poisoning):

  u/BAthree / Reddit / Via reddit.com
u/BAthree / Reddit / Via reddit.com

25.This person, who is standing a liiiiiiiittle too close to this 3,700 FEET DEEP HOLE than I am comfortable with, personally:

feet at the edge of a very deep hole

26.This 30-year-old horse tooth that makes me wanna grab a toothbrush and give my not-so-pearly whites a nice clean:

large old tooth
u/majtomby / Reddit / Via reddit.com

27.This! Giant! Mushroom! growing in someone's basement that certainly didn't leave mush room (heh) for anything else to fit down there:

the top of a mushroom completely covers the bottom of the basement and the bottom of the stairs
u/UncomfyUnicorn / Reddit / Via reddit.com

28.And finally, this naked "Tickle Me Elmo" that makes me deeply uncomfortable, thanks for asking!!!!

If you'd really like to give yourself the ick, you can watch a video of it here.

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