'Just answer the question!': Martin Lewis throws papers in heated Brexit debate


Entrepreneur Martin Lewis lost his cool during a heated Brexit debate. The 46-year-old became exasperated when Tory MP Chris Skidmore refused to answer a question about Brexit.

Speaking on a panel discussion on BBC’s Politics Live with Jo Coburn, Lewis lost his temper after Skidmore wouldn’t answer a ‘yes or no’ question.

When Skidmore was seemingly diverting his answer to whether he would consider extending Article 50 Lewis said: “Just answer the question! Would you consider extending it?”

Skidmore replied: “I think that’s an open question to which I’d be open to the possibility.”

A furious Lewis waved his hand in the air and said: “This is what annoys people! You’re not giving an answer.”

“We’ve been very clear about Article 50…” continued Skidmore.

“You’ve not been clear at all!” retorted Lewis.

“I asked you a question! Would you support an extension? There are two answers – yes or no,” he continued.

“We are working towards 29th March…” Skidmore began.

At which point Lewis moaned and threw his papers into the air.

Skidmore and the others on the panel – former Labour Cabinet Minister David Blunkett, Tory MP Nadine Dorries and journalist Sonia Sodha – seemingly couldn’t help but chuckle at the outburst.

“We’ve got to be sensible and mature about this!” said a smiling Skidmore.

The show then cut to Brussels where the BBC’s political correspondent was explaining various Brexit possibilities.

Martin Lewis is the founder of MoneySavingExpert.com (REX/Shutterstock).
Martin Lewis is the founder of MoneySavingExpert.com (REX/Shutterstock).

Martin Lewis is a finance journalist and founder of MoneySavingExpert.com. A self-made multimillionaire, he has just reached a settlement with Facebook after suing them over fake ads.

In April last year, Martin issued High Court proceedings for defamation against Facebook after over a 1,000 fake ads appeared on the social media site with Lewis’ image.

Lewis has now dropped the case after Facebook agreed to pay for his legal costs and donate £3m to a new Citizens Advice project to help prevent future scam adverts online.

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