Is it just a car? Here’s why Americans love their cars

Nearly nine in 10 Americans still remember their first car — and 60% of them wish they could go back in time to take better care of it, according to new research, commissioned by Castrol and conducted by Talker Research. A poll of 2,000 U.S. drivers revealed just how dedicated people are to their cars and how dearly they miss what they first drove. Baby boomers (91%) and Gen Xers (89%) especially have a fondness for their first cars. A clear connection was found between having nostalgia for one’s first car and the temperament of how drivers feel about their current car. Most drivers felt positive for what they currently drive — 38% said they love their current car, while 58% like their car and the utility it serves. Nine in 10 (90%) “car lovers” were likely to remember their first cars and 71% of them said they would wind back the clock to what they first drove — more so than any other group.