'It's just gonna be amazing!' Alan Fletcher reveals plans for Neighbours comeback

Alan Fletcher reveals plans for Neighbours revival credit:Bang Showbiz
Alan Fletcher reveals plans for Neighbours revival credit:Bang Showbiz

Alan Fletcher will find out who is returning to 'Neighbours' on "one big Zoom call."

The 65-year-old actor starred as Dr. Karl Kennedy on the Aussie soap opera from 1995 until its cancellation in 2022 but will return to the part when the series is revived by Amazon Freevee later this year and admitted that he is "completely consumed by the excitement" because he will find out who else is making a comeback when the cast and crew get together on a video call.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz and other media outlets, he said: "Fundamentally we can say that we were completely consumed by the excitement because very soon there's going to be a big Zoom call. And on that Zoom call, we'll find out what's happening and we’ll find out who the cast are. It's just gonna be amazing. Because we're gonna see, like we're looking at now, we're going to see probably a lot more windows or faces popping up you go, Oh, my God. Amazing. You're here!’"

Other stars already confirmed to be returning to the soap include Jackie Woodburne - who plays Karl's wife Susan - as well as fellow legends Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones), but Alan admitted he would like to see all of his on-screen brood come back, including the likes of Billy Kennedy (Jesse Spencer) who moved to Queensland with wife Anne (Brooke Satchwell) in 2000.

However, he also teased that now the soap is getting a second chance, there is the opportunity to welcome plenty of new characters onto Ramsay Street.

He said: "I want to see all the Kennedy children back at some stage that's rather important to me and they can bring all of their children. I’d love to have Billy and Anne finally come down from Queensland. I don't know why they can't travel, it’s not that far! I’d love to see Connor O'Neill (Patrick Harvey)come back. But we have the opportunity now to when you when you get a chance to do a redo, which is no one gets a chance to do a redo.

"It means that exciting new characters can come in for us to interact with. So, the Kennedy family has always survived on having exciting new young people coming into the house.

"We've got 14 bedrooms in the Kennedy house so we can accommodate anybody! And I'm looking forward to working with some new people as well. I’d always love to have any member of the Kennedy family back of course. "