‘This just made my day!’: Penn Badgley excites You fans with castmate reunion

Penn Badgley has entertained his fans with a teaser of his podcast featuring YOU co-star Victoria Pedretti.

The actor plays the silky-voiced stalker Joe Goldberg in the Netflix drama, which is set to return for a fourth season in early 2023.

After Joe moved to California from New York at the beginning of season two, he began a dark romance with Love Quinn, played by Pedretti.

The dynamics of the characters’ relationship has been one of the most discussed aspects of the show between fans, with many questioning what the future holds for Joe after the surprising end to season three.

In a new TikTok, Badgley introduces his co-star as the latest guest on his podcast, Podcrushed.

The short video features the former Gossip Girl star leaning in close to the camera before saying Joe’s signature phrase: “Hello... you.”

The view then swivels around to reveal Pedretti on the other side of the table, waving and saying hi.

“Nailed it!” Badgley exclaims.

Evidence of the two actors reuniting inspired plenty of excited responses from YOU fans.

“This just made my day!” one commented, while another expressed their excitement more simply, writing: “SCREAM”.

Others were instead concerned with Badgley’s brief narration as Joe. “The « hello » got me feeling some type of way ngl,” admitted one follower.

“Sir you can't do that I forgot how to breathe,” wrote another, while a different fan questioned: “WHY DID THE ‘YOU’ MAKE MY THE HAIRS ON MY NECK STAND UP?!”

The next chapter of You sees Joe pursuing a new life in London after leaving the Californian suburbs in a hurry.

Season three spoilers to follow, you have been warned!

After becoming enchanted with his colleague Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), Joe ended up killing Love after a tense showdown in the finale of season three. He then left their son with neighbours indefinitely, before chasing Marienne to Europe.

Part one of season four of YOU will launch on Netflix on 10 February 2023.