Just Stop Oil activists block iconic Abbey Road crossing

Just Stop Oil activists have blocked the iconic crossing (Just Stop Oil)
Just Stop Oil activists have blocked the iconic crossing (Just Stop Oil)

Just Stop Oil activists blocked the famous Abbey Road crossing in what is the group’s 23rd day of civil unrest in the capital.

Due to the group’s planned action, over 550 people have been arrested by the Met Police this month.

Shortly after 1pm, four activists from the group walked across the famous north west crossing which was the cover for The Beatles’ 1970 album. The four then proceeded to glue themselves to the road, demanding the Government halt all new oil and gas projects.

The four were later arrested for wilful obstruction of the highway, the Met Police said.

Shaun Davies, a 32-year-old musician from Manchester said: “We’re now the results of our past actions, and in the future, we’ll be the results of the actions we’re performing now, said George Harrison.

“Never have his words rang more true than they do today; so here we are, in his spirit, saying that what we do in the next three years will determine the future of humanity.

“Let’s not sleepwalk into the furnace; let’s face our fears and act with love and courage to save all the wonderful culture humankind has created.”

Eben Lazarus, a 22-year-old musician from Brighton said: “I’m a musician, I don’t want to be here disrupting the most iconic location associated with a band I admire and love. But unless we tackle the climate crisis, we will lose all that has been created, all that will be created, all that brings joy and comfort to millions.

“Music is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of humankind. It can bring people together, comfort us, save us. We risk losing it all. We need everyone to come together and stand in the face of this atrocity.”

On Saturday, activists blocked roads in Islington which resulted in the arrests of 17 people for wilful obstruction of the highway.

A further 22 activists were arrested after they blocked the junction of High Holborn and Kingsway on Friday.

The protests were organised after the North Sea Transition Authority awarded 100 licences to extract oil and gas, with almost 900 locations being offered for exploration.

Such has been the disruption this month, that Transport for London won a court order to restrict the ability of protesters causing chaos by getting greater powers to act.