Just Stop Oil climate activists launch dawn blockade of Scottish fuel terminal

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Just Stop Oil supporters photographed at the Glasgow oil terminal (Just Stop Oil)
Just Stop Oil supporters photographed at the Glasgow oil terminal (Just Stop Oil)

Climate activits Just Stop Oil says they have disrupted operations at a key Scottish oil terminal by blocking the entrance and climbing on top of tankers.

In its latest action, the group said that at around 4am on Tuesday 40 of its supporters barricaded the entrance to an oil terminal in Glasgow. Others entered the terminal and locked themselves high up to parts of the site, it said.

The group said it was taking action in support of its demand that the UK government immediately halt all new oil and gas licencing and production. It is the group’s first attempt to block an oil terminal in Scotland since it started targeting the UK’s oil supply on 1 April.

Neil Rothnie, 69, a retired offshore oil and gas worker from Glasgow and supporter of Just Stop Oil, said oil and gas would not offer energy security.

“The North Sea oil and gas industry has one priority and it is not the climate crisis,” he said in a statement released by Just Stop Oil. “It’s not the future of North Sea oil and gas workers. And it’s certainly not whether the poor can stay warm.”

In a statement, Police Scotland said its officers were talking to the protesters at the site.

“Police Scotland is a rights-based organisation that puts our values of integrity, fairness, respect and a commitment to upholding human rights at the heart of everything we do,” a spokesperson said.

“This means that we will protect the rights of people who wish to peacefully protest or counter-protest, balanced against the rights of the wider community.”

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