Just Stop Oil protestors who targeted service stations charged by police

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Four climate activists have been charged following protests at two petrol stations, Surrey Police have confirmed.

Nathan McGovern, 22, of Tower Hamlets and Amber Alexander, 18, Louis Hawkins, 22, and Rosa Sharkey, 22, of Brighton, have been charged with causing criminal damage of more than £5000, Surrey Police said on Friday.

The force added that four other people remain in custody.

The supporters of the Just Stop Oil group smashed and spray painted display glass at the the Cobham Services in Surrey and Clacket Lane Services in Kent at 7am, on Thursday.

A total of of 55 pumps were damaged at both service stations.

Superintendent Graham Barnett said: “Around 40 officers were involved following the activity by protest group Just Stop Oil at Cobham and Clacket Lane Services yesterday.

“Police responded after reports that pumps were being smashed up and that protesters were gluing themselves to pumps, vehicles and forecourt signs.

“We appreciate that this caused considerable disruption to motorists attempting to use the services and to the petrol stations themselves, who will also have suffered a huge financial loss as a result of this activity.

“While we are required to facilitate peaceful protest, we will always take action against those who break the law and significantly impact on the lives and livelihoods of others, and clearly if officers are caught up dealing with protest activity, they aren’t elsewhere preventing crime and responding as quickly to reports from the public.”

While eight people were arrested, 35 people were involed in the protests.

The four in question were released on police bail with conditions imposed by the court.

All four were bailed on the conditions that they do not enter the county of Surrey save for court attendance, they do not enter any petrol station in England and Wales or obstruct any entrances or exits.

Bail conditions also included living and sleeping at their home addresses, not affixing themselves to any part of a petrol station or petrol tanker and not associating with other defendants save for pre-arranged solicitor appointments or at court.

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