Justice for Ann? Newsroom readers react to Matt Lauer's firing

“Finally, revenge for Ann Curry.” Does Matt Lauer’s scandal bring justice to his former “Today” show co-anchor? That’s how many Yahoo Newsroom readers feel, judging by the outpouring of support for Curry in the comments section of Lauer-related articles. When Curry was let go from “Today” in 2012, after a year as a co-anchor and 15 years with the show, many fans blamed Matt Lauer. Especially after reading the awkward body language during her tearful on-air goodbye. However, his role in the decision was never confirmed. The news of Lauer’s firing amid sexual harassment allegations has reignited Curry fans’ rallying cry. Curry said of the news that she’s still “processing” the bombshell allegations. As one fan put it in response: “Ann Curry refusing to comment (when she probably could have much to say). Still keeping it classy.” What do you think? Join the Yahoo Newsroom conversation.